Jinn Chapter-1 directed by Hamid Baig

Hamid Baig

Jinn Chapter-1 directed by Hamid Baig, marks the beginning of a bone-chilling narrative that takes place in a congested room in the Indian city of Noida. The story revolves around an innocent child named Farhan, who encounters a supernatural force while asleep. However, this encounter is cut short when Farhan’s father, who is a devout Muslim and an exorcist, comforts him and imparts a teaching of faith and reality. Cut to 30 years later, Farhan experiences the same malevolent force but, this time disguised in the form of his deceased wife, Nida, who passed away 3 years back. A tormented Farhan seeks help from his psychiatric friend, Jayant, who immediately rushes to help his friend. As Jayant reaches for Farhan’s aid, he diagnoses Farhan with schizophrenia, fighting against the reality and the mysterious entities. Jayant reminds Farhan that his wife Nida had passed away 3 years ago and everything was his delusion. While the story moves forward, the supernatural entity or the jinn exposes its true form and brings upon Farhan a tremendous amount of torture. His wife Nida and Jayant becomes the axis of his life as the story dwelves into the intertwining realms of the seen and unseen. The climax shows a Farhan who is baffled between choosing death or accepting the offerings of the Jinn. This moment clearly picturizes the central theme of the narrative, the triumph of constant faith and the capability of the human mind to withstand the unknown.

Jinn Chapter-1 is a cinematic wonder by Hamid Baig, that revolves around the psychological and spiritual facets of the characters. With its exceptional cinematography and audio-visual expertise, this movie embarks the journey of confronting supernatural forces and the internal guilt, grief and the incompetence of the human mind to maintain faith in the most challenging times. The chilling storytelling and the jump-scares together make this short film so convincing that even audiences are bound to lose touch with reality, while the protagonist battles the tormenting of the supernatural force. Jinn chapter-1 is not merely a story of supernatural encounters, it also encapsulates a journey into the complexities of human psychology, faith and the distinction between reality and illusion. This psychological drama perfectly unfolds the central message about the strength of belief and the ability of the human mind to choose faith over fear while facing unavoidable and overwhelming darkness, promising an enriched cinematic experience.